Gaven Dianda Psychedelic Collages

January 26, 2008

Gaven Dianda is a psychedelic artist with forays into folk, magik, mysticism, space, groove, style, childhood, wonder – well… okay… Gaven Dianda is a psychedelic artist. He is a musician as well and his work can be found at Saffron Sect.

Optical Orgasms - Gaven Dianda

This site is a work in progress and more collages will be posted in the future. Here is the first. Opticalorgasms from 1991 / 1992.

The collage is 4 Megabytes so be patient!   We use the OrbitZoom zoom picture view. Please see the OrbitZoom site for more information on how to use the tool. You basically click and move your mouse to zoom and drag to pan. Then double click to zoom all the way out!

May the forces of Groovity be with you!